Sunday, November 28, 2010

Will a “Fat Tax” Make Us Skinny? NY Times Says “YES”

The New York Times reports that a recent study shows that for every 10 percent

Fat Tax increase in the price of a two-liter bottle, people consumed 7 percent fewer soda calories and less calories in total by the end of the day. For larger price increases, the drop in Calories and weight was significant.
When people faced an even larger increase — $1 for a two-liter bottle of soda, comparable to a proposed tax in Philadelphia — they consumed 124 fewer calories a day, the study found. The lower soda intake was associated with a drop in weight of more than two pounds — and a lower risk for pre-diabetes.”
So…what does this all mean for us? It looks like the people who want to tax us into good health just got some new ammunition. I think that armed with this ammo, it won’t belong before the “Fat Tax” becomes a reality.
I hate taxes and being ruled by a “Nanny State” government. But if this study is correct, I maybe become skinner and healthier protester.

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