Friday, November 26, 2010

Is the Danger of Diabetes a Good Excuse to get an Apple IPad? Three Reasons Why You Should Get One.

Jan Blackstock wrote an interesting article entitled "Can the IPad Save Your Life?" for the Nov 3 edition of Diabetes Health. She says that a government stimulus fund is being distributed among the medical community in such a way as to create a legion of doctors toting around IPads. The reason? The fund is to enable doctors to  access and transmit digital medical records instead of  using the familiar clipboard and folder method. Quicker transfer of data could mean the potential saving of lives and maybe even a few tax dollars.

OK. This is all fine and good. But what I want to know is, "Can I Convince Santa to Bring Me an IPad this Christmas?" 

Here are three reasons why you should get an IPad of your very own for Christmas:

1. An IPad Serves as a Great Portable Library and Access Point to All the Data in Our LivesThere are tons of good books that educate, motivate and have have reams of data useful or even life saving for the diabetic. There is so much data out there. Just in the diet world alone we deal with Calorie charts, the Glycemic Index, Good carb vs Bad Carb charts, Recipie and food lists, to name a few. Having a library of important information at your fingertips can mean making the right choices and having good outcomes.

2. The IPad serves as a way to Chart Your Personal Data and Navigate Yourself Out of Danger.
Prediabetes and Diabetes management generate a lot of numbers: Blood glucose levels, A1c numbers, Calories consumed, exercises completed, miles walked, pill schedules, expiration dates on meds and where to get the best deal on test strips. If the IPad has wifi, or beter yet, 3g, you can log in your data on web sites such as SugarStats. There you can keep track of your progress or be alerted to downward trends before they take a toll on you poor body.

3. The IPad is a Good Way to Boost Morale!   
There is a lot of gloom and doom in this world we find ourselves in. Frankly, you get weary of all the bad news. Authorities tell us we need to relax, destressify our lives and get a good night's sleep.  What we need is a way to cheer up and have a little fun. A couple of minutes of playing "Angry Birds" might just be what the doctor ordered.

Mary Poppins had it right, "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down." Well, we can't have that spoonful of sugar, about a sweet IPad....PLEEEEZE?

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