Saturday, November 20, 2010

Walk your way out of Diabetes with 10,000 steps a day & a Pedometer.

When my doctor showed me my lab results, he seriously suggested that I walk an hour a day, six days a week. I guess, like me, most everyone has heard of the benefits of walking but don't do it enough. A big excuse we have is the time it takes.

There is a method that originated in Japan that is catching on here. It is the 10,000 step plan. The ideas is to wear a pedometer during your regular activity and see how many steps you take. When you have that number, subtract it from 10,000. The number you have left is your goal. As you build toward walking those 10,000 total steps a day, you begin to experience more and greater health benefits .
It's worth a try. You might even walk your way right out of the type 2 diabetes danger zone.


  1. I have a step inside the house I use to do 500 steps a day. It is a far cry from 10,000. But is is stepping, so it's harder than walking, plus I can watch TV, dress how I like and not worry about weather, dogs and people.

    Counting to even 500 is boring and I lose count a lot. I think the pedometer will help.

    I tried walking at the Mall, but I end up spending too much money or eating in the food court.

  2. I just got a pedometer today for my birthday. It works great. It is surprising how many steps you can take in a few hours without realizing it.

    I did about 400 just in the evening without even exercising. The key is to wear it during your regular schedule, develop a base line number, subtract that number from 10,000 and then make up the remaining steps in a daily workout. I think for me, it will work out to about 6,300 steps or about 3 miles a day for an ideal mild aerobic workout.