Saturday, December 4, 2010

How Many Sugar Cubes are You Eating?

Visual Sugar

Can you visualize how much sugar is in the food you eat? You can now. The "sugar cube" pyramid project does the trick.

It is made by taking the grams of sugar found on the food's nutritional information label, multiplying that number by the number of servings and thus finding the total grams of sugar in a package. Then divide the total number of sugar grams by the weight of 1  sugar cube (4.1 grams of sugar).
Got that? Now, just take that number and count out all the sugar cubes you make yourself a nice sugar pyramid.  Better take a picture before someone eats it.
 I think this would make a great project for kids to do at the Science Fair. I teach Biology and am seriously thinking to make this an extra credit project for this year or I could have all the kids bring a box of sugar cubes and have them make a sugar pyramid/food product/photo display. We could then set up in the cafeteria. 
Then again, the kids walking by might just eat the sugar cubes. Maybe we’ll just use the pictures.

For more pictures visit: Diabetes Mine

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