Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Dukan diet: Simplify, Adapt or Abandon?

What is the appeal, besides the ordinary promise of quick weight loss, in the new "Dukan" Diet?" In spite of health warnings and odd side effects, such as "bad breath and fatigue," its popularity is growing.

I think the attraction is in the variety and the complexity. A lot of diets are simple, but boring, and are abandoned before giving the results they are capable of producing. The complexity engages the mind and provides a script to follow, making the dieter conscious of exactly what is being eaten. This is not for me. I would rather read a book than think about my food.

I like simplicity myself. If you want to try the diet, you can "uncomplexify" it and save your money. It is basically just a low-carb, hi (low fat) protein diet, with a bunch of oat-bran and water tossed in. So, just eat low-carb meals and have a Fiber-One or similar oat bran bar for a between meal snack and keep hydrated.

Why make things complex when you don't need too? There is no good reason, except maybe to fill the pages of a new diet book and have something to sell. Save yourself some money. You can do this yourself.

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