Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Can a Big Rubber Band Make Your Big Stomach Smaller?

A good article came out recently about "gastric bands." The concept is simple: Make your stomach smaller so you will eat less and lose weight. The sounds nice. Unfortunately, it often only succeeds in making your wallet smaller. It can also reduce your muscle mass along with any fat loss. Overall, your health suffers. At best, you lose some weight, but it comes at the expense of your health, strength, and your money.

A more likely outcome is that the weight drops for a period and then creeps back up. After you just spent time and money in the hospital, this can be devastating. after all, if a medical procedure can't help you, what's left?

Maybe you should take a long walk and think about it. If you take a long enough walk, often enough, you just might walk yourself right out of the problem all together.

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