Friday, September 2, 2011

Exercise changes stem cells to bone instead of fat.

Any medicine that makes you thinner AND prevents osteoporosis at the same time would likely cost a lot of money. New research done by Department of Kinesiology's Gianni Parise shows that you can get it all for free.

The study shows that " mesenchymal stem cells" could become either fat or bone cells. Making mice do aerobic exercise on little treadmills made their little stem cells more likely to become bone than fat. Mice that were sedentary had more fat instead of bone got negatively impacted blood production in their marrow cavities.

I know some would prefer expensive medicine to doing aerobic exercise. But walking is free, lowers your chance of diabetes, makes you thinner, and now we know it gives you better bones and blood. 

So, what do you think? Spend money on pills or get healthy for free? If you must spend money, think: It might be better to get a nice treadmill than a new pill habit going on. 

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