Friday, June 17, 2011

Is it really the olive oil?

Is this really true?

"...people who used a lot of olive oil had a 41 percent lower risk of stroke than those who never touched the stuff."

The results of a study of 7,000 people in France seem to show that olive oil helps a LOT in avoiding heart problems.

But, my question is this: If wealthy, trendy, health conscious people eat more olive oil than poor, non-health fad following, health negligent people, how can you tell if it is the olive oil or the other factors that are making the difference?

Well, true or not, maybe using olive oil wouldn't hurt. Even if it doesn't, you might feel good about doing something positive for your health and that positive attitude could be the plus that extends your life. Sometimes things that don't work, work anyway due to the workings of our complex and intriguing mind.

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